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Work your magic to get someone's name who promises to be aware of your website when they come to work on "the day" - the day your product airs on the Today Show. You can also have your website company make these phone calls for you. In fact, I recommend it, because your website company will be dealing with your site and knows the under the hood parts of it well.

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I had a few names at different levels of customer support, and even in different departments. If you have a modern website, chances are, it uses a database to store all of the content on your website, both pictures and text. Depending on how the site is programmed, the "calls to the database" can overwhelm the server that is serving that information. You usually have two servers I know If the server that holds the database gets overwhelmed and crashes, then it will probably need to be rebooted, and your web team may need to recode some things so that it doesn't repeat itself 5 seconds after rebooting.

Hire your website team for the day You're going to want your website team on high-alert for you from 8am-7pm. The segment will air across time zones, so you're going to get big surges of traffic throughout the day from different regions of the country.

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Your web team may need to make changes to the code on the fly. They will need to be in contact with the host if there is any trouble. The host can't make changes to your site, but your web team and your host can assist one another in fixing trouble areas pronto. Program Your Speed Dial You will want the following people on speed dial:.

They want to make shopping easy. They may post helpful information on their website to aid people if the website is down. For example: an alterior web address, or an email.

If you need to change a customer service email or phone number, alert your liaison right away. Keep an eye on the Today Show website as well, as they just may feature your brand if you're doing well, aka, staying alive. Your Website: The Simpler The Better If your website has a lot going on at once, like, if it pulls a lot of products to display at once, consider tweaking this down for the big day.

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This will lesson the load on what your website needs to deliver to potential customers. You may want to show customers everything you sell, and get more promotion out of this deal, but it may slow the shopping experience, and right now, people are focused on scoring your deal. You can nurture your customer relationship with them after the sale.

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Design a Crash Page If your site blips out for a moment, your generic "we're experiencing some down time" page will display. Or, tell them to hit their Refresh button to hit the website again, just in case it's back.

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